Waitara Wall Project

Waitara River Wall project, Taranaki Regional Council


The Taranaki Regional Council wanted to make the small Waitara township safe for a 1 in 100 year flood event from the Waitara river which runs alongside the town. This meant raising the level of the stock-banks at the river mouth. Most of the stock-banks were built with earth bunds, however, a section of the stock-bank in town was close to commercial property so there was no room for an earth bund.


The Council, along with engineers, designed a 420m long precast wall that would protect that part of the town.



We arranged the manufacture and installation of the precast panels to make the 420m long by 2.3m high wall. The site was not very straightforward, and part of the wall went through an area where there used to be old meat factories, so there were remnants of the old railway lines which were used to transport the meat. We had to remove all this and set up a strip foundation before commencing the build. We also had to survey the site as it is on the Anzco foods boundary. During construction, we had to work under the ANZCO security and ensure the safety of nearby residents. The wall was constructed with 70, 6 x 2.3m panels, which at one stage had to be butted up against a couple of tanks owned by NPDC. As a final stage, we installed security fencing all along the top of the wall.

The final wall not only keeps the township safe from floods, it provides a second wall on the ANZCO foods boundary and looks very nice and tidy from the river side.

This job was completed on time, within budget and with no incidents.

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