Singh-Heer Prosump


Singh-Heer Farms, Waikato


The Singh-Heers are 3rd generation farmers and own three farms in Huntley, Te Aroha and Gordonton (on Piako Road). The Huntley farm was using a 22,500 Ltr tank to store effluent which had to be pumped out daily. The Te Aroha and Piako Road farms both had unlined earth ponds for effluent storage.


The Singh-Heers were given notice from the council regarding the insufficient storage on their Te Aroha and Piako Road farms. They also realised the inefficiency and problems associated with needing to pump out the 22,500 Ltr sump daily on their Huntley farm.



The Singh-Heers wanted a “simple, straightforward [effluent] system” that would be easy to operate. They had seen the Prosump around and liked how tidy it looked. The Singh-Heers had been looking around for storage options since 2013, and although they initially investigated cheaper options, they came back to the Prosump. We met with the Singh-Heers and worked with them to come up with the best solution for their situation.
Huntley: 662m3 operational volume Prosump, 600m out of the ground
Te Aroha: 830m3 operational volume Prosump, 2m out of the ground
Piako Road: 955m3 operational volume Prosump, 900mm out of the ground
The Singh-Heers preferred to have gravity feed into the storage to prevent double pumping. This was achieved at the Huntley and Piako Road sites. We built up around the edge of the Prosump to allow a natural fall away and built the Prosumps deeper into the ground. At the Te Aroha site, due to the high water table, and low-lying shed and land, we had to build the Prosump higher out of the ground, so installed a 22,500 Ltr transfer sump.
All of the effluent on all farms goes through a Sand-Trap wedge, which has a drying apron and keep the worst of the sand and stones out of the Prosump, increasing the life of the irrigators.

Installing Prosumps on their 3 farms meant the Singh-Heers can have peace of mind that all 3 farms will be compliant 365 days a year.


Hi Oliver

Thank you very much for a job well done, indeed, times three.

It has been very good working with you and your group – ease of communication, clarity and within cost (and adjustments made to initial at Te Aroha) and within time frames, it certainly heartens the head, heart and soul.

Best Regards,

Dabau Singh-Heer

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