The all new 3.6m Prosump- Going to new depths! June 27, 2016

3.6m Prosump innovation

We were really honoured to be included in this year’s Innovation awards at the Fieldays with our new 3.6m Prosump.

The 3.6m Prosump is our latest innovation and one we are really excited about- judging by the amount of interest at the Fieldays, it’s one the dairy effluent industry is really excited about too!

The 3.6m Prosump’s extra depth means less catchment area, a smaller loss of pasture and increased efficiency in irrigation.  It also means, case in point below, that storage can now be placed on previously undo-able sites.

The birth of the 3.6m Prosump resulted from a tricky situation. Although we had been tossing around the idea of deeper ponds for a while, a request from the farmer in the Waikato really pushed it into life.  The farmer wanted to build a pond in the side of a hill, on a site where he could gravity-feed effluent from the dairy. He had large storage requirements but space was very tight. He also had difficult soil conditions. After researching and finding no solution on the market to suit his needs, he approached us to see what we could do. During his research he was really impressed with the Prosump’s efficient and durable design, and it’s versatility. Our original 3m Prosump took up too much surface area for what was needed, but as it could be installed above-ground or in-ground, that was the only problem. Our R & D team got their clever heads together with the industry professionals and engineers and the 3.6m Prosump was born…Ta-da- Problem solved!


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