With over 1000 hours spent on its research and development, the Prosump is not only impressive to look at, it is the most reliable, durable, efficient, versatile and easy-care effluent storage solution in today’s market!





  • Precast panel construction sumps from 58,000 to 8,000,000 litres plus.
  • 150mm thich high-strength reinforced concrete construction.
  • Designed by a certified IPENZ engineer to suit NZ’s rugged weather conditions.
  • Panel joins feature a unique 3 stage seal.
  • Watertight check and Guarantee provided prior to handover.
  • Can be installed above-ground, in-ground or anywhere in between.
  • Extra deep vertical wall and unique sloping floor design increases efficiency in storage and stirring.
  • Zero maintenance required.
  • 50 years minimum build life Guarantee and 100 years plus life expectancy.

Systems designed to comply with both Dairy Company and Regional Council requirements and the FDE code of Practice. 


“We have had the Prosump for 18 months. Love that we have plenty of storage and staff don’t need to worry if we go away and the weather changes. keeping the volume low in good weather is the key to operating the Prosump to its full potential.

We had a tight time frame to get it in by and Presco worked hard out to get it done. Think the home baking and ice water on scorching hot days helped!”

Taranaki Dairy Farmer







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