Water is precious, it is life- keep it somewhere safe! Research and years of experience has not only proven that concrete water tanks outlast and outperform all other common methods of tank construction, but they deliver consistently better water quality and taste.

Concrete Water tank


Presco concrete water tanks are constructed using a proven pre-cast concrete moulding process. This process results in greater durability and less chance of damage than the lighter construction of plaster or plastic tanks.

  • Tank interior walls and floor are plastered providing a non-porous seal.
  • Above Ground tanks are fitted with a domed roof and are finished with a splatter coat and painted white for improved aesthetics.
  • Below Ground tanks are fitted with a central support column and heavy duty cover providing support for up to 300mm of soil and light duty traffic.
  • 300mm riser for manway access- extensions available on request.
  • All tanks provided with a number of threaded fittings top and bottom for inlets and outlets.
  • The WT25 B/G tank is also available as an inground sump.


Please note that due to their size and weight, some delivery restrictions apply- please contact us for details.






WT10 2050 mm 2870 mm 10,000 Ltr 6,000 kg
WT25 A/G 2400 mm 3600 mm 22,500 ltr 7,000 kg
WT25 B/G 2500 mm 3600 mm 22,500 ltr 8,400 kg


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